Personal Taste (2010) Review by ChellyWood

Blurb: Handsome young architect Jeon Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho) discovers that to get the bid for the design of the DAM Art Gallery building, he should seek inspiration at a famous residential house called Sanggojae. By chance, the sole inhabitant of Sanggojae, Park Gae-in (Son Ye-jin), is in need of money and decides to let her guest room to Jeon Jin-ho, under the false impression that he is gay. Slowly the two find themselves falling in love. Their main obstacle is the fact that Jeon Jin-ho has misled Park Gae-in to believe he's gay, and now that he is smitten by her, if she finds out he moved in to spy on the architecture of her famous home, she'll feel betrayed.

Review: Did you enjoy There's Something About Mary, starring Cameron Diaz? The comedy in this tale is just as hilarious, the acting equally fun to watch, and the romance is even better! If you're looking for a high-class romantic comedy with an architecturally appealing set, professional filmography, and richly diverse characters portrayed by phenomenal actors, this is the show for you!

Actors: Lee Min-ho makes us fall in love with him all over again, just as we did in Faith: the Great DoctorBoys Over Flowers, and City Hunter, but this is, by far, his most artsy/romantic role (with the exception of Heirs, perhaps). In Personal Taste, we really get to see a tender side of his character portrayal. Swoon!
When you read Son Ye-jin's bio on Wikipedia, you'll see that she has quite a long resume as an actress. No surprise there. Her acting in Personal Taste was flawless. As the action in this show climaxed, I found my heart all wrapped around Park Gae-in's tragic situation, and I was rooting for her all the way.
The supporting cast also impressed me. Sometimes when the minor characters enter a scene in a Korean drama, I find myself groaning, because I want to get to the good stuff. But Jung Sung-hwa (playing Lee Min-ho's character's office assistant) and Jo Eun-ji (playing Son Ye-jin's character's best friend) created some of the most enjoyable and hilarious scenes in the show!

Recommendations: Because there's a lot of sexual talk and pretty intense sexual innuendo, I'm giving this TV series a TV14 rating with parents strongly cautioned. I'm leaning toward an R rating, but I'm not quite there. The show has a scene wherein Park Gae-in walks into the bathroom while Jeon Jin-ho is showering (no actual nudity is displayed), and then talks to her best friend about the size of Jeon Jin-ho's junk. So it gets a little racy. Remember the scene in When Harry Met Sally, where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in a restaurant? Nothing in this show gets raunchier than that, but When Harry Met Sally is rated R. So bear that in mind. And I'm not allowing my 13-year-old daughter to watch Personal Taste, but I might, once she's in high school.

Biggest Drawback: The character of Han Chang-ryul's father is sort of annoying, but thankfully, he's not in very many scenes.

Rating: (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) Five Stars (After watching this one, I bought my own copy on Amazon, because I just had to have it!)

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  1. Thanks I'm a fan of Ku Hye Sun (geum jan di) of BOF) she's very talented korean actress w/natural beauty..