4x The Girl Who Sees Smells /Sensory Couple (2015) First Impressions

It started with a kdrama says

while having dark roots, is a pleasant, vibrant, creative series that doesn’t try to take itself too seriously.
Review link: https://itstartedwithakdrama.wordpress.com/2015/04/05/sensory-couple-first-impressions-episode-1-2/

It started with a kdrama has a global Alexa rank of  10,437,087

The Cat that Watches TV says

the plot is also fairly engaging. Maybe that’s cos I’m a sucker for psycho-murderers and serial murders storylines. And how lovely that Song Jong-ho oppa is playing the psychopath.

Review link: https://nekosdrama.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/first-impressions-the-girl-who-sees-smells-sensory-couple/

The Cat that Watches TV has a global Alexa rank of  2,880,723

Some What Diana says

So far I am still in between on if I like the drama or not. I do like the cheesy drama style but I haven’t found anything special about the drama yet. This drama feels like a typical story line for a cheesy romance

Review link: http://somewhatdiana.tumblr.com/post/115680261159/the-girl-who-sees-smells-first-review

Some What Diana has a global Alexa rank of  N/A

I say

feels like a third hand copy of a genre that Korean dramas do not really understated just with bad actors and poor writing.

Review link: http://www.akiatalking.com/2015/04/TheGirlWhoSeesSmells.html

I hav a global Alexa rank of  2,611,361

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