Jokes comparing #KDrama v. #Jdrama v. #US

I translated some jokes floating around the internet from Korean to English!

In Medical dramas, the doctors : love teach a lesson treat patients

In cop shows, the police loves teaches lessons catch criminals.

Histories of... families society the planet!

protagonist cries.. alone, pissed & resentful with friends, with sense of belonging with loved ones after a job

When it is a hit.... makes a CF makes a movie makes season 2

Who is protagonist related to the rich with a secret of birth poor but diligent & lucky when it counts smart &logical

Stories... cliche difficult to understand even after watching have to pay attention

gives false hope/Dreams helps dealing with daily life helps grow imaginations

hate watch mock/amujsed while watching Impressed while watching

Who is the enemy husband Myself for being insecure crime and terrorism

What is important? fate innocence the individual

What is great? the music the story the direction

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