Random Thoughts about blogging on #Kdrama!

Random Thoughts about blogging on #Kdrama!

Hello! This is Prof. Akia talking. I have a question. Do you blog?


Even though the age of the internet is really less than 20 years old, the fad of blogging has comes and gone in a brief period in time. There have been people making a living via blogging and much more who basically make nothing.


If you want to make some cash, it is not a great time to blog as the ad prices have been on a decline for a while now.

Well that is not that much of a problem if it is just a hobby.

So, as a hobbyist, should you keep blogging?
Well,  the people who actually READ with a capital “R” is on the decline throughout the internet as people are going more towards multimedia formats such as podcasts and YouTube videos.

Starting with the rant!

While this is still less pronounced in places such as US yet, Korea suffers much in regard to this since no one reads for fun much here.  Half of the book market is either textbook related of self-help  “how to get rich” pseudo- intellectual stuff that have no much substance. You can just flip through them in 30 minutes.

It is so bad that the publishing market is dominated by the public library committee that subsidies the market by purchasing books for public libraries. And no one really read those that much. The whole e-book thing didn’t really make a dent in Korea because the people in age range that would use e-books do not read.

Ending with the rant!

Back to blogging. More specifically let’s talk about blogging about Korean dramas.
As a person who only started to write a few years back, blogging about Korean dramas is a weird place to be in. Like any kind of news/criticism profession, you and your writings are not the direct target of interest for your readers unlike if you are creating your own independent material.

With a lot of bloggers, you are talking about [something]. And the reader is reading your stuff because of interest in that [something] and not necessarily you and your ideas. This means that responses regarding your work is strongly correlated to the  [something] first. If the Korean drama you write about is gaining a lot of interest, then you get more views. Basically, you divide up the pie of interest among everyone else who blogs. This means that what you are interested in has to align with what everyone else is interested in.

It would be darn convenient if this somehow matched without even thinking about it. But, in reality, you have to think about it. This is where the problem arises.

Who are Korean drama viewer?

You need to know this to gauge the purpose for blogging and the target audience for blogging.

Are you trying to provide suggestions/recommendations for new Korean dramas to watch?
Are you trying to extended the viewing experience of shows you already watched be creating a dialogue?
Are you just spitting out random thoughts as if they are interesting?

Just saying it is an interesting place to be.

If you narrow down the area of blogging about Korean dramas, it is more interesting as the audience is not well defined as GEEK niche hobby areas.

Who are the Korean dramas fans?

Vaguely, there are a few characteristics. They are female. This is a strike against me.

They tend to less advanced in terms of TV show viewing tastes. This may be somewhat of a controversial claim. However, they are some truth to it. Even in Korea, Korean drama tends to be viewed as a low end art form. There are reasons for this but overall the development of modern literature and adjacent cultural areas is still weak here. That is a truth. 70% of fiction books being published in Korea are either American or Japanese translations. This ratio is one of the highest in the world.

They tend to access Korean drama via internet although this is more prominent in places such as America.

Overall, this is not a particularly a well-defined audience to write for. It does not also help by the fact the audience does not seem to have enough disposable income to create supply signals.

I’m saying Korean drama lovers are cheap!
Half joking!

At the end, I am left with questions of blogging about Korean dramas.

What am I doing?
Why am I doing this?
Does anyone really interesting in reading blogs about Korean dramas?
Should I get into videos or podcasting?

Thanks for reading this rant!

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