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Secret is the essence of melodrama...I enjoy Secret not in spite of the craziness but because of the craziness

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1 comment:

  1. No mercy. I saw the first 2 episodes and knowing it's meant to be off-kilter and based off thin as rice paper webtoons (I mean in comparison to 20 episode dramas) I wasn't expecting much. I actually feel the exact opposite of you for this one. lol. I love Yunchun's dramas, and I think SSK is steadily improving as an actress. So far they seem to have good chemistry for the characters as written.
    I haven't seen the 2 offending dramas she was in that caused such internet hate. I liked her in Tree with Deep roots. I saw Blade Man and so many variables ruined that drama for me so I dropped it. In that she started off really sweet and cool, but the went over the top with the naive innocence and "wooahhhhwoows!" So that did get irritiating. But so far she's been really good here. I like the 'sees' smells gimmick. They do go a bit over the top with the fact that he can't taste. Does that mean he can't feel the pains of being full? Maybe not. The man shovels food like a dump truck, he's gonna be huge in no time. But it seems like he burns a lot of midnight oil trying to be a homicide detective.

    I'd rather this than some nasty Izombie show! :p