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4 Rated out of 11


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Song Ji-Na

A underground messenger (Guy) and  an online newspaper reporter (Girl) but in with mysteries and romance.

Asian movie drama
...it was more than I expected, but was not amazing enough to make it an all time favorite, sadly.



F4 plus 1
...was sweet and action packed and those two things sometimes happened in the same scene at the same time


Drama Views
Healer had a solid script, that worked very well in its favour


Kimchi Achaar
...was a nerve wrecking experience


Train To Seoul
...If I have to name out a flaw from the drama, it's the messy background story


LeeJIN's Drama Corner
...it’s probably going to my all-time favorite kdrama list


Kdrama fighting

Subjective Insights
...a safe choice for those craving for some action-romance dramas

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The Drama Corner
...a perfect package of romance, fun, feels and action


Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations
...Despite it boring me when the scenes do not include the lead couple, there is a good mix of romance and action in this drama


Raine's Dichotomy
What makes this show special is that it is an entire package. It has famous Hallyu stars who can actually act. It has tight writing. It is fast-paced without skipping over the juicier moments. It is visually pleasing. And, like I said before, it has the “it” fact


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