Heartless City #Kdrama Retrospective by [Twist of Fate]

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Twist of Fate  Says

Heartless City   is


It took the elements I enjoyed most from action/conspiracy dramas like IRIS and City Hunter and condensed it into a much darker setting


Twist of Fate has an Global Alexa Ranking of N/A !! 

Not enough data!

In contrast, I'm at 3,124,222th. Wow I dropped by 1,100,00 since last time!


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  1. O'm personally impressed about the essay you wrote here!

  2. Thanks for the response. I really enjoyed bringing together some of the thoughts that had been knocking around in my head. And in case you are curious, my first attraction to Kdrama was not academic. I have wandered off in that direction at times, but it was the wonderful distraction from everyday existence that seduced me into watching more than one - lots more than one, actually.