Hogu's Love (2015) Review by [The Drama Corner]

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Hogu's Love is


an adorable show which is tooth-rottingly sweet, simultaneously tackling dark themes but peppered with tenderness from start to finish

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  1. I totally agree with your view on SJH. She looks really old here and devoid of any charisma or energy.

  2. I disagree. Your review is terrible.

  3. yeah but that seems to be the trend.
    "Divorce lawyers in love" gal also seem old.
    But they maybe because of the diet they are on.
    poor girls who are also skiinny

  4. Really? I mean as with most shows, the first couple of episodes were a little bit slow to progress but I think song ji hyo looks beautiful... I think she looks younger in this drama than in emergency couple.. and I love her chemistry with the lead guy... I just finished watching episode 6 and I'm loving it so far.. I love how they have it in a way where you start getting invested in all the characters and root for them, not just the main leads

  5. Sorry AKIA, I was totally confused when I got to the end of this review. You just listed many, many reasons why you dislike this show. Then suddenly you say you were charmed. Huh? I know your opinion on shows is generally diametrically opposed to mine--I think Exes Club is one of the smarter character-driven stories I've seen in awhile--but usually I can understand why you disliked a show. Here, I'm just confused.

    Possible reasons to like it include: the funny opening sequence starts the comedy immediately, Soo-Jin is a likable and believable woman who looks like she could have really won a major award, the director executes the farcical elements of the story with great flair, and Myeong-Soo and Soo-Jin make an outstanding couple. (Though you're right that perhaps they haven't actually dated--what about the twist at the end of episode 2?) But you've already suggested here that the plot is dull and contrived, you don't like career women, you think Song Ji-Hyo looks "old," and you think the five-year age gap between Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo-Han is implausible. (Because men never date women older than them? Is this like the old prejudice that black people shouldn't be president of the United States?)

    So what exactly charmed you? I'm confused by your beliefs about what 33-year-old women should look like, but even more confused by your review!

  6. I love Song Ji Hyo in this show--it's like Emergency Couple without the anger, resentment and medical malpractice.

  7. Dear Akia,

    I like your reviews because they are honest and not biased. We might disagree and we have different tastes, but at least your reviews are interesting to read. Compared to dramabeans, you write smarter and more professional reviews.

    I am not going to watch Ex-Girlfriend club. I tried watching it about four times and finally gave up. I just don't get the idea: where is the chemistry? The complete lack of chemistry is killing me. No passion whatsoever. Is it supposed to be funny? Because it is not funny at all, it is just a mess. It seems as if the playwright is about 18 years old and knows very little about life.

    I listened to your podcast and you have a very heavy Korean accent. Yes, you are Korean. Definitely. So I am going to ask you a couple of Korean questions if you do not mind:

    1. Why all the dramas start with "15"? And all of those 15s look different? Are there one hundred different channels in Korea with the same name "15"?

    2. In my opinion, Kdramas are mostly for young girls (rom-coms with Kpop stars and models), adjummas (50-episode long about families) or girls of any age. Only SOME dramas are for guys, so it is natural to assume that dramas are primarily targeting the female audience. Am I correct? Are a lot of men in Korea watching dramas?

    If you want to reduce your accent, I can tell you what to do. You have to listen to American TV or people for about 2 hours each day. Preferably somebody who speaks slow. Listen to the same thing over and over and over. Don't say anything, just listen.

    Also, please ask somebody to check your writing because once in a while you make grammatical mistakes. They are minor, but still.

    I enjoy reading your reviews. You are doing a fabulous job. Aja! Aja! Fighting!

  8. "15" is the rating category. For those above 15.
    Yes you are right that Korean dramas are mostly targetted towards females.
    Most of modern Korean pop culture is that.

    In regard to accent, it is more of having poor motor control in my pie hole region.
    Koreans think I have a strong american accent with my Korean. lol
    So, it is just that I am "King's speech"ing.
    The reason I cannot carry to tune.

  9. Thank you for your answer. You should tell everyone that you have a Korean accent, then girls will think of you romantically. ;-)

  10. Joking about the ladies but not about me!

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