The Producers (2015) #Kdrama Profile

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Excerpt from Asianwiki

Park Ji-Eun

A workplace ensemble dramady starting with a young guy on his first day at a Korean Broadcast company. There he meets a guy PD and a female PD and also a Kpop star`!

Drama Views
It was good effort and I hope we might see more such dramas in the future

mildly enjoyed the didn’t really kick things off and become good

The cat that watches TV
it takes me some time to kick start my engine to actually watch it. But once I start, it’s hard to stop.

The Fangirl Verdict

’Its nothing terribly groundbreaking or even very dramatic, really. But it’s a warm and uplifting note

The talking cupboard

had its fair share of good and bad but overall a very nice picture was drawn about the reality  of the variety world in South Korea

The drama corner
In the types of shows where nothing much happens plot wise, it’s necessary that the characters are strong enough to make up for lack of drama...I loved all relationships in the drama

the drama never had an underlying motif other than showing a day in the life of a producer


Kimchi Achaar
I felt they focused a lot on Seung Chan and Ye Jin’s relationship when it could have been wrapped by neatly and both of them could have moved on in life. But no, Seung Chan proposes and proposes yet again only to get his heart broken.

Abby in Hallyu-land
The mixture of the inside production world of variety shows and the characters’ stories were nicely blended but it was the diversity and chemistry of the characters pierced my kdramaaddict heart.
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Drama for Real
While The Producers was losing points left and right for its lack of creativity, its cast remained stellar from beginning to end.

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