Warm and Cozy / 맨도롱 또똣 (2015) #Kdrama Profile

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Excerpt from Asianwiki

10 years ago, A Guy bumped in to a Girl who thought they were related. Now, they are neighbors on the beaches of Jeju Island with one owning a failing restaurant and the other starting up a cafe that is cursed from the beginning.

Start Romantic comedy now!


Zombie mamma
it was a drama full of warm-fuzzies and fluff but that’s exactly what I wanted from this one!  


Musings of a chunkeemonkeeato
My impression of Jejudo is slightly tainted now

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Hong sisters... are gifted writers....Warm and Cozy is one of their lessor creations...is watchable but not memorable.

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Noonas over forks
The writing was such a failure that there was no way they could have saved it

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You know you should have dropped a drama when you’re glad it’s over...I implore you to simply not watch it 


Orion's Ramblings
Offering a unique writing style and often colorful, fun characters, their shows have had a unique identity and approach 


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