Office hours: Ex-GirlFriend Club #KDrama Early Cancellation

Ex- GirlFriend Club #KDrama Early Cancelations & Thoughts: Office hours

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Oh! Hello.
Welcome to my office hours.
I am prof. AKIA of the Korean drama department
What do you want to talk about?

Have you heard the news regarding of a Korean drama early cancelation? Yes,  I am talking about Ex- Girlfriend Club!

As you may have heard, Ex-Girlfriend Club or 구여친클럽(2015) is not going to be able to finish its 16 episode run as initially planned. It will be cancelled after only 12 episodes.

"I felt a tiny disturbance in the Force, as if hundreds of voices suddenly pouted for a while and then were suddenly silenced."

In response, a” little “corner of the internet is in uproar. It is little since no one in Korea seems to know that this show exists. It is being cancelled because of horrendous ratings even for a cable show. The only people who seemed to care are the international viewers who viewed this show via legal and non-legal means.

Sorry you guys.
You do not matter!

For myself, this is a rather unique experience. While early cancelations are common in the American TV world, it is not so much in the Korean drama world especially with the Korean miniseries. There is a reason why Korean TV networks prefer the miniseries format in general. It is the lower risk alternative.

Korean TV networks simply do not have much backup programming options in case of a show fails to garner an audience. We do not air reruns of shows during primetime and lack substitute shows just waiting for a slot open up. Thus, the choice of scheduling in a fixed 16 episode block is the least harmful of the alternatives.

My thoughts of Ex- Girlfriend Club
In any case, Ex- Girlfriend Club is being cancelled. What are my thoughts?

I have slight reservations but I think I am okay with it.

I liked Ex- Girlfriend Club at first.  My first impressions were positive. I have a first impressions review up.

Give it a look.

However, after a while, I just stopped watching it. It was not that I hated it. I just stopped. Thinking back, I understand why which is also somewhat relevant to why the show was cancelled.

Ex- Girlfriend Club was an experiment that failed.
It did not fail spectacularly but it did fail.

Ex- Girlfriend Club is an attempt to do a Korean drama version of a Japanese “Harem” show.  Have you seen any Japanese anime where most of the female characters are in love with the protagonist?

I mean that kind of “Harem” show.

A lot of modern Korean popular culture can trace its roots back to copying and adapting Japanese popular culture. Even the modern “Trendy” Korean miniseries started out as plagiarizing Japanese dramas.

However, there was never a serious attempt to copy or adapt the Japanese “Harem” show genre into Korean dramas. Korean dramas had shows in which the female characters outnumbered the male characters. but no show really had most of the female characters solely focused on the lucky or “unlike” bastard.

So, I think that Ex- Girlfriend Club was an interesting experiment.

I liked the “Harem” elements in the show. I actually think that they were the best parts of the show. The problem was with the main narrative which was still fundamentally “Korean Drama-ish”.

I am talking about the main love story and the making the movie plot line.

It was not terrible. I am talking to you… “High Society” (2015)!.

It was just lackluster and meandering. Basically, I was not interested in the scenes where the Ex- Girlfriend Club was not all together and chewing up scenery like the crazy bitches they were.

No disrespect to the crazy bitches!
Love you!

So, that is why I stopped watching the show. The show tried to be a typical Korean drama with just some “Harem” elements   added on. And, ironically, it failed in the Korean drama part.

So, why did the Korean audience never get into Ex- Girlfriend Club?

Failing to find an audience
They didn’t come because it was a creative experiment

The Korean drama audience in Korean is a pretty ridged bunch like the American elderly that watch NCIS. They like what they like and have no need to veer far from what they know they like.

A “Harem” show was simply beyond most wanted.
It was too Japanese in concept!

I know that there are some crazy ridged Korean drama fans out beyond the borders of Korea.

Yes, you!
You know who you are!
Show me your hands…

However, you are still more adventurous then the people we have here.

Just look at “Producers”!

It started as a flawed but creative experiment. And no one really liked it. Now it is just a typical okay Korean drama and people are starting love it.

So, cry all your tears out into the seas of cancelled TV sorrows, those who will miss Ex- Girlfriend Club! You are in good company. Many odd experiments have failed before you and will fail after you.

But do not loiter around the dead rotting corpse. It is not likely that a similar show will come out any time soon. Move on or Move out.

This is the Korean drama industry!
There is a reason why many love and hate it at the same time.
Be comforted by the fact that you may love it more than most Koreans.

This was prof. AKIA and thank you for visiting me during office hours.

Now get out. I have to write my fanfiction. And do not forget to share this. The department does not pay me enough.

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