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This drama drove me nuts with only two episodes, to the point that I watched them AGAIN. Goodness


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In contrast, I'm at 3,124,222th. Wow I dropped by 1,100,00 since last time!


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1 comment:

  1. It's time for me to put my two cents in.
    I hate Japanese dramas. I JUST HATE THEM. I tried watching plenty of them, and got utterly disgusted. Coming from me, a kdrama addict, that says a lot. So, what is the reason why I hate Japanese dramas so much?
    1. They speak Japanese. Japanse language is not very beautiful compared to melodic Korean.
    2. Japanese actors are so ugly. They are just unbelievably ugly. Out of all European people I know, I am the only one who can differentiate Koreans from Japanese. Do you want to know my secret? Japanese look like very ugly Korean inbreeds. Sounds racist? Perhaps. But it helps me to tell who is who.
    3. Japanese drama writers are probably men, because all their dramas are male-centered. I am yet to see a female-centered drama. Very chauvinistic and sexist as well. Even if the story is about a girl, the whole world revolves around some narcissistic guy. Who needs to see that $hit? Japanese dramas are for pervs and sickos, if you ask me.
    4. The quality of drama production is somewhat low. Most dramas are foggy and hard to see.
    5. Japanese actors are not trained as well as Korean actors.

    I think this is enough for now. If I remember something else, I will add it later.