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사랑하는 은동아


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Eun-Ho (Joo Jin-Mo) is a popular actor. He has loved Eun-Dong for the past 20 years.

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The fangirl verdict 
Show is filled to the brim with classic tropes, but manages to be engaging for the most part

The 20’s romance defined their love as real and committed...The 30’s romance had major hurdles. 


  1. I did not like this drama AT ALL. I am glad it got cancelled.
    Here is the reason why:
    I am extremely turned on by the following: two guys after one girl, one guy after one girl, one guy is after one guy (No Regret), one guy and one girl are after one guy (Frozen Flower) but a bunch of girls after one guy... this CANNOT BE GOOD from a female point of view.
    So.. good riddance! It was a bad idea from the very start.

  2. Love it so far. My favorite drama from all on-going dramas so far.

  3. Don't worry about your ratings. They will be up again at some point. Just do what you love doing, and do it better than others.
    I love this drama. SO PASSIONATE!!!

  4. bunch of girls after one guy? are you sure?

  5. I am not sure because I watched it only for 10 minutes, but the whole concept of a bunch of girls and only one (amorous) guy is not my idea of romance.

  6. only 10 minutes? Ok, that makes sense. The opening already took 0:07 seconds and with 9:53 minutes you can make a quick judgment and conclusion of 12 eps drama? (12 hours). Wow, that's really... SOMETHING!

    Just because this whole concept is not as romantic as your imagination doesnt mean this show is not good enough to watch. I found this drama more interesting and exciting than any other kdramas that are still ongoing. *cough* The Producer as example *cough*

    I wont argue against you. Waste more than 10 minutes of your time and if you still find this drama is lame, helpless, annoying and stupid then i must say your opinion is accepted. Till then... I rest my case.

  7. I did not say I watched the FIRST ten minutes of this drama. I watched a couple of the episodes, 10 minutes each. Why only ten minutes? I don't need to smell for 12 hours to find out the egg is rotten. Ten minutes is more than plenty.
    This drama is lame, helpless, annoying and stupid. And it smells like a rotten egg. Those who like this drama just like it this way. Hey, over 90% of all people are not exactly geniuses, they need something lame and stupid. So to each his own.

  8. I just watched another 10 minutes of this drama JUST FOR YOU. Yes, I confirm. This drama is lame, helpless, annoying and stupid. I am not sure how dumb a person should be to like this drama. No offence. Another 10 minutes out of my life completely wasted. Thanks.

  9. All your opinion are accepted. Thank you.

  10. I am not saying it is a bad drama. I just don't like it, sorry.

  11. OMG, I am just dying from a huge dopamine rush. I want to know what is going to happen next.
    This drama is it. I cannot wait... no, I cannot sleep, think, and function normally, all I want to know if watch it!!! I think I am drowning in the sea of passion...

  12. I don't know how I am going to live another week. Waiting for the next episode. Desperately.

  13. It is not bad but very old fashioned female melodrama.
    Maybe too old fashioned.

  14. It is not bad??? NOT BAD???? I am counting the days till next episode!!! You just don't understand. You will NEVER UNDERSTAND. Because you are a GUY. Nuff said.

    Can you please answer some of my non-drama Korea-related questions? Thanks!

  15. I want to rape Joo Jin Mo. Should I call the police?

  16. I almost never watch kdrama, the only one I've seen and finished being Someday with Bae Doona who I first saw in Japanese film, Linda, Linda, Linda. In fact, I originally came here to read a retired review on Kaseifu no Mita but stumbled on this page out of curiosity. Have to say, it may just be a matter of taste and timing. I have just finished rewatching quite a few heavy J dramas this year. Think Woman 2013 and Soredemo Ikite Yuku. Ex-GF Club started off pretty good for me, got a little shaky, then turned the tables on me midway through and had me grinning like a doofus until the very end. The simple sweet romance that actually felt genuine and natural was just the thing I craved. It just took a while for my main girl to fully get into character, but when she does, everything just feel into place. Best kdrama I've seen this year. I've tried others but just couldn't get past 3 episodes.