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Orange Marmalade  is

a Dud!

it is now officially dropped from my watching list. … What’s the point? 


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  1. I'm ready to watch the crazy. It's been a while since I've seen A Makjang drama. This one has a unique premise. I've been meaning to watch I summon you gold, but I heard the ending got messed up. Or it wasn't what viewers expected, therefore it ruined the drama.

    I still can't believe the accident she had in Mask. Evil Bro. In law took a huuuuge chance that Poor Soo Ae wasn't crushed, maimed, decapitated, etc. but I can't expect reality. I'm willing to watch a few more eps. So far it keeps up the intrigue, I'm just waiting to see how they connect the leads as children. That always happens.

  2. lol
    Yes, most likely end up the doppelganger were twins or clones ala Orphan Black.
    I wish it does not go the romantic route. I wish it ends up in bluebeard territory.

  3. Where is the review? Ok, I will add something. I REALLY like the main girl, she is from Misaeng, and I absolutely love her. However, the guy is just so-so for me in terms of appearance. He is a good actor, I must admit.

    The whole point is the guy thinks the girl is dying from cancer (he saw her taking pills from a bottle). However, she used the bottle to store her mints, and she is completely healthy. This misunderstanding draws them together and makes it somewhat hilarious. I love a couple more actors, especially the guy from Let's Eat.

    So far so good. A light-hearted comedy, enjoyable and sweet. So, where is your review?