Are Korean dramas now the domain of over 30s actresses? (Prof. AKIA's News)


  1. There's no production team anywhere on this planet who wouldn't like to have effective actors in their casts. Female actors in their 30's are by 2 years more experienced than their male peers, are more professional than the younger ones and probably haven't the restrictions of the older ones. Therefore they are the best choices in terms of production and outcome!

  2. Well I do see it as a positive thing that female actors in their 30s are the top choice. They are still young, can play a wide variety of ages and most got the experience.

    I don't agree though when compared with their male counterpart "2years more experience". It's just that those 2 years will not make that much of a difference in my view. If you have been acting since your 20s and got to 30 and still show no promise, adding a year or 2 won't change much. Talented male actors remain talented even after the 2 years hiatus. I just feel male actors in their 30s have been casted on the side in preference of young idols.

  3. Well, too many actors both male and female, both in their 20s and early 30s have been very well casted on the side by production teams and agencies who promote their idols. That's a sad fact and a bit frightening for the future as well. Sometimes the twist of a role so that an idol can fit in (?) is so obvious and unrealistic that is laughable apart from alarming

    But that really is a whole other subject, as far as I'm concerned! Back to the female actors in their 30s again... I think you took the whole issue a bit more literally than what my intentions actually were. I never wrote that the 2 extra years make the actors better; I just used the word "experienced", instead. And nobody can deny that.

    Besides, female actors do have a long period of hiatus when they become mothers and even when (or if) they come back to dramas it's impossible for them to act in similar roles as they used to. That's not the issue for their male counterparts though, even when they reach their 40s; they may very well act in roles as romantic interests of younger women when female actors usually act in roles of mothers and wives. And no one can deny that on global scale either, imho!