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4 Rated out of 10 Reviews


Excerpt from AsianWiki.com

A Virgin Ghost has been trying an failing to get "lucky" by possessing living females. However, all the men end up loosing consciousness. One day, the ghost gets stuck in a body of a girl who works at a restaurant filled with men.

Noonas over forks
was highly anticipated...I enjoyed the way it navigated all the aspects of its story so skilfully.

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Views and Reviews
I was not expecting this drama to be this good!..I loved this drama to bits and pieces

The Drama Corner
In between the comedy, the drama deftly displayed poignant moments...Oh My Ghostess is blessed with amazing actors

Obsessive Compulsive Kdrama Watching Disorder
The rules of the ghost-world are murky at best...Sung Jae’s character is severely undermined by the lack of clarity about to what extent his actions are his own and what are the evil ghost’s that possesses him

Zombie Mamma
It’s so much fun to watch the episodes just fly by and before you know it you find yourself at the end, walking away with one big, contented sigh of happiness. 
Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato
perfect romcom drama to order up for this past summer...it was cute, deeply emotional with dollop of suspense.

Orion's Ramblings
creates a good balance and offers a more woman-centric drama without neglecting the men, who usually have the lion's share in exposure and focus
Fun Curve
The ghost is perfectly cast with Kim Seul Gi... I’m sad to part with this diverse-themed, delightful drama, and I will really miss being part of the lively Sun Restaurant community.

The Fangirl Verdict
isn’t that brand of split-personality drama. But I must admit that there were distinct times when this show went a lot darker than the zippy, entertaining rom-com I’d signed up for


A Daily Dose of K-Screen
This drama is highly recommended for those hopeless romantic people out there who crave for something cute, engaging, and heartwarming.

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