Let's Win Something from Korea in a Raffle!

Hello. This is Prof. AKIA from Korea suffering through the blistering heat in Korea. August is not a great time to visit Korea! But I have to live here…  

Let’s talk about stuff. I mean the random stuff that you really do not need but catches your fancy.

You know what I mean. Those rather silly but amusing trinkets you pick up while on holiday. It could be a post card. 

It could be a key chain. It could be a cute little doll.

You know these stuff. We all been tempted to buy them before “real life” veered its nasty head in. Unlike when you are on vacation, you have to think about rent and paying the bills. You can’t splurge on the cute thing.

So, I’ve been thinking about this to solve this dilemma. And what my creative brainstorming efforts came up with is the cliché-ist method ever. It is not an auction. It is a raffle.

A Raffle for Something from Korea!

This is how it will go. I will be giving a person who donates $1 to my blog an TICKET/opportunity to win “something” in a random draw out of a hat. 

This draw will happen either when all tickets are given out or when a month past since I first posted the notification of the raffle whatever comes first. The draw will happen and the winner will be mailed the prize.

A Raffle!
It is $1+40 cents for one opportunity to get “Something”!
Paypal takes 40 cents.

The draw will happen whether or not all tickets are given out. The winner will be sent the “something” and shipping and handling will all be paid for. Depending on the country, you may need to pay a little import tax. That will be not be included although I do not expect it to be much.

A Raffle!
It is $1.40 cents to win “Something” from Korea!

Donations of $1.40 will be received through PayPal. This means that you will need to have either a PayPal account or a credit card to pay via PayPal.


Once again, for $1.40 cents, you get the chance to win “Something” from Korea shipping and handling included. The only obligation of the winner is to send me a pic of the “Something” when you receive it through the mail with a quote so that I can post it on my blog.


So everyone gets the idea of the Raffle?

Everyday, the raffle post will be updated with the remaining available tickets and will also include the initials or handles, depending on preference, of those who have donated. In addition, the people who have donated will be receiving a email update anytime a ticket has been given out.

So let’s get to our first “Something” to raffle off.  Click below to find out!


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