Raffle #2: Cute Joseon Royal Couple Refrigerator Magnets!

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Refrigerator Magnets! 
Never can have too many cute or goofy Magnets

Today, I’m here with the cute Refrigerator Magnets with cartoon character couple wearing traditional Korean garbs.

In addition, you get early access to my Korean Drama fan edit "The Guest At the Hotel" as a thanks to donating to the site. Currently, it is unavailable to anyone other than those who helped out the site.

I will be setting the raffle limit with this guy to 15 tickets. Thus, if you donate $1 plus a $0.40 cents PayPal fee, you have a 1 in 15 chance of getting this cute guy sent to your door.  

For a 1 in 15 chance of winning!
And Help a blogger out also.

So, give the raffle a try! The payment is done via PayPal.

So, you will either need a credit card or a PayPal account. It is only $1.40.

The raffle will start when all 15 tickets are gone or 9/06/2015 rolls around.

Ends at 9/06/2015 at the latest. 

In either case, I will put all the names in a hat and pick a winner on a video. Then, the winner will be mailed this cute guy. Once this is posted, even if only one ticket is given out, the raffle will happen when 9/06/2015 rolls around or even before if all tickets are gone.

The winner, once he or she receives the gift in the mail, only has to send me a picture and a quote.

And for those who live in countries that do not have an import treaty with Korea, you may end up paying a little import tax. Only a small one I think. Click here if you want to read my introduction to the raffle page. [Link]

Does everyone get what is going on? If you have questions, comment below.

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Total Number of Tickets Left
15 left

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