Actress meets a Time Traveler (Fanedit) Now On Line!

Have you seen 2012's Korean Drama "Queen In-Hyun's Man?" It stars Ji Hyun-Woo  and Yoo In-Na. Whether you have or not, you are welcome to preview my Fan edit of it. It is in 3 parts ranging about 55 minutes each.

I have a review written in the past about the show. Here is the link!

This fan edit is called "Actress meets a Time Traveler!" It is purely edited with the Actress' perspective in mind. In other words, none of the past stuff is on screen. It just shows a rather normal actress on the verge of getting her big break bumping into a Time Traveler on day. She barely knows anything that happens with the Time Traveler other than the small bits of information provided my him.

Here is a trailer!

In fact, that is what happened to her in the show. We as the audience are given more information as we are shown what happens in the past. She doesn't have that luxury. This makes this cut rather interesting. In a way, it may play like "The Time Traveler's wife."

It would be interesting to get feedback from both people who have seen the show in its entirety and those who have not.

Now Streaming for the weekend for everyone. No Privileges needed for the weekend to Access.

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