Intro to #Kdrama Fan Edits

Hello. This is Prof. AKIA!

I'm here to briefly talk about my on going Korean Drama Fan Edit Projects.
Korean Dramas, while they are fun, can end up becoming either a loyalty or a hate watching experience a bit because just filling in the 16 plus episodes with decent enough content seems to almost be impossible sometimes. 

In terms of the loyalty watching, it is just the case that there was simply not enough story in the initial concept to last the show's run. A lot of  shows start out good and end up meh. This is not a terrible outcome. But it leave us wishing for better. It is simply the case that the reality of the industry and the show's format really makes it difficult to have a concise, tight, and focused story.

In my case, I just end up dropping 90% of the more recent shows before the midway point. The shows made in the mid-2000s tend to be better at making it  at least interesting somewhat through out. 

So, what can you do?

Well, I chose to edit the shows down to get a more concise, tight, and focused result. Trim all the fillers. Remove all the redundancies out of the show caused by the serialized episode format, and I end up getting something that runs below 4 hours.  In many ways, it is about telling the story from a specific character's perspective rather than trying to shove as much scattered story elements as possible in the show.

And I think they work.

In terms of the hate watching, it is more of the case that the show seriously mistreated subplots or characters through out the show. You all know those shows where you say "What the F**k are they doing?" 
What is frustrating is that it is not like there is nothing good in them. The creators were just idiots at the moment.
So, what can you do?

For these shows, the editing process seems rather more difficult as you need to construct more of a separate story than simply editing out stuff. This is because the main story does not work on its own. I have not really tried to do this type of fan edit yet because of the total amount of effort required.

Not only do you have to cut stuff out, you have to try to find scenes that would work with your adjusted story if they exist and patch work them together sometimes with new music. 

But I want to try this type of edit and have been putting some thought into it. It would be a really good learning experience.

So, that is all I have to say about the matter.
Please try one of my fan edits out.

I currently have 4 active online.

"The Guest at the Hotel" is a fan edit of 2001's Hotelier

"Actress meets a Time Traveler" is a fan edit of 2012's  Queen In-Hyun's Man

"My Star" is a fan edit of 2013's  My love From another Star

"The Roommates" is a fan edit of 2007's 9 ends 2 outs


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