[Script] "She was pretty" (2015) Ep2 Funny Recap

This is the script for my humor video Recap of Episode 2 "She was pretty" (2015). Here is the link to the video if you want a look. [link]

Me: Hello. Kdrama fans. This is Prof. AKIA with another recap of “She was pretty”. As a side note, I usually have issues with Korean dramas’ titling practices but “She was pretty” or그녀는 예뻤다 is a pretty apt title although is she really ugly?
Oh! I’m getting an incoming video chat request. Let’s see who it is…

Korean Me: Hello. AKIA! What’s up?
                     어이 아키이아! 뭐하냐?

Me: Nothing much. Guys this is Korean Me! He speaks in Korean but has the superpower of magically being subtitled.

Korean Me: Hello.
Me: Just talking about the new Korean drama “She was pretty”.

Korean Me: still talking about how bad the show does with hiding the fact that Hwang Jung-Eum /황정음is still hot?
아직도 드라마에서 황정음의 미모가 제대로 가려지지 않는다고 불평하고 있냐?

Me: I mean, even for Korean dramas, she is at most quick make over. Really, Hwang Jung-Eum /황정음 is still better off than Anne Hathaway in “The Princess Diaries”, the first one.

Korean Me: caught up with the second episode?
                       2 봤냐?

Me: yep, how about you?

Korean Me: you know Korean men do not really watch Korean dramas! I haven’t even watched the first episode.
                      한국남자가 무슨 드라마 보냐? 1부도 봤다!

Me: So, why are you asking about the show?

Korean Me: Why waste time watching when you recap the show for me?
                      네가 줄거리를 요약해주는 시간 낭비를 하냐?

Me: In any case, this is the recap of episode 2. The first episode was a basic character introduction. Now we really get into the setup of the plots.

Korean Me: Hwang Jung-Eum was the ugly girl. Koh Joon-Hee / was a hot best friend.
황정음이 못생긴녀, 고준희은 킹카 엄친.

Korean Me: Hwang Jung-Eum made Koh Joon-Hee pretend to be her to Park Seo-Joon  who is her long lost first love or something like that.
                     황정음이 고준희에게 부탁해서 첫사랑인가 하는 박서준 앞에서 가짜 행세를 했단가

Me: And at the end of the first episode, Hwang Jung-Eum started work at a fashion magazine where Park Seo-Joon also started work as a big wig.

Korean Me: big wig? Oh AKIA. You really like using fancy English words!
비그위그? 아키이아. 니놈은 거창한 영어단어를 쓰는 것을 너무 좋아해!

Me: Anywhere, this is what we left off! The second episode starts with Hwang Jung-Eum panicking like a Guinea pig high on caffeine. Koh Joon-Hee keeps trying to calm her down but to no avail.

Korean Me: Guinea pig…? Is that a real English phrase?
기니피그…? 그거 진짜 숙어야?

Me: I’m kicking you out of this chat!

Korean Me: Okay, okay! So what happens in this episode?
                              그래 그래! 2부에서는 이야기가 어떻게 진행돼?

Me: Well not much. Hwang Jung-Eum is running around doing chores at work while balancing a full out panic attack with trying to avoid Park Seo-Joon. Park Seo-Joon is in Korea to save the magazine from shutting down before the 3 month deadline. So, he is somewhat stern with the magazine staff which also includes our heroine but she is basically a crazy lady at this point.

Korean Me: So, basically any role played by Meg Ryan in the 90s?
                        90년대에 매그 라이언이 연기한 거의 모든 배역들과 비슷하다고 생각하면 돼나?

Me: More like Bridget Jones's Diary but that is the gist of it.

Korean Me: What about the other characters?
                       다른 캐릭터는 어떻고?

Me: There are a lot of work place scenes which go nowhere and the characters out heroine works with are all basically duds. All are terribly written and uninteresting. Even the guy Choi Si-Won who seems to be the 4th wheel is just weird and bland.

Korean Me: What about Koh Joon-Hee?

Me: most of her scenes were just trying to calm our Bridget Jones off the ledge. We are given a hint of the cliché “daughter of the rich father resenting her stepmother” backstory. That is at least something.

Korean Me: bummer!
                              재미 없네!

Me: We also get more flash backs to our characters’ childhoods which is getting old back. I’m getting concerned about the show since I do not think there is much here in terms of content. A symptom of this is that the show really over uses Hwang Jung-Eum over acting like she just took a heavy hit of speed with what was the drugs in “The Wolf of Wall Street”? Oh yes Quaaludes.

Korean Me: Boring! I’m signing off!
                         지루하네! 간다!

Me: he didn’t get to hear the cliffhanger of the episode. You guys are interested?

Me: Koh Joon-Hee, as fake Hwang Jung-Eum, told Park Seo-Joon that she was moving to London. At the end of the episode, she gets caught at the Hotel she works as a manager by him!
           Bam Bam Baaam!

Me: Okay this is Prof AKIA signing off! Comeback for the next episode to see how Hwang Jung-Eum and Koh Joon-Hee will get out of this ordeal!

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