[Script] "She was pretty" (2015) Ep1 Funny Recap

This is the script for my humor video Recap of Episode 1 "She was pretty" (2015). Here is the link to the video if you want a look. [link]

Hello. This is Prof. AKIA with the first episode of the new Korean drama called "She was Pretty." It is a romantic comedy of misleads, silliness, and all about being goofy which stars Hwang Jung-Eum /황정음, Koh Joon-Hee /고준희, and Park Seo-Joon /박서준.

Have you wondered what goes on behind the creative decisions made in a Korean drama?
I imagine the production meeting for "She was Pretty” with the lead actress, Hwang Jung-Eum, went something like this.

Executive: I am happy that you could join our show.
Hwang Jung-Eum: It seems interesting. I was looking to do something a little lighter after "Kill Me, Heal me." You know the hit show with Ji Sung.

Executive:  Yes, we are well versed with your filmography. That's why we offered such generous compensation for your time.
Hwang Jung-Eum: It wasn't that generous. I was in "Kill Me, Heal me" after all.

Executive:  Could you repeat that? I couldn’t hear clearly.
Hwang Jung-Eum: It was nothing… tell me some details about the story.

Executive:  So, we have the ugly girl played by you. She was cute and rich when she was a kid. But now, as an adult, she is neither. Some would consider her ugly and most do not even notice her.  
Hwang Jung-Eum: So a reverse ugly duckling.

Executive:  yes, you get the idea. You live with your b.f.f. who is “model” beautiful.
Hwang Jung-Eum: So my character is the DUFF in this relationship?

Executive:  duff?
Hwang Jung-Eum: Duff... Designated Ugly Fat Friend...you know that movie, The Duff (2015) starring Mae Whitman? That was a fun cute movie.

Executive:  I must have missed that one. Basically yes except for the “fat” part. We cannot make you fat!
Hwang Jung-Eum: I am willing to wear a fat suit?

Executive:  “Birth of a Beauty” (2014) did the fat thing all ready and no one wants to repeat the Yoon Eun-Hye in a fat suit debacle from “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” (2015)! Yuk.
Hwang Jung-Eum: Okay… was just offering.

Executive:  You’re just ugly! That is what we are going for. You drew the short straw in life and thing went downhill rapidly after like the 6th grade.
Hwang Jung-Eum: I can do that. I can play the nice and gentle underdog. My role in the hit show "Kill Me, Heal me” was a similar role.  

Executive:  you must mean manic and screeching, right?
Hwang Jung-Eum: what?

Executive:  Oops…nothing... So, your character is the visually challenged of the two but you and the hot one are best friends.
Hwang Jung-Eum: Who will play my “hot” friend? It should be someone good. I had Ji Sung to work with in "Kill Me, Heal me.” It was a wonderful experience.

Executive:  We’re thinking of Koh Joon-Hee from the movie Intimate (2015).
Hwang Jung-Eum: She is nice.

Executive:  In the first episode, a male friend from primary school emails you out of the blue. You had lost contact with him after he moved away when both of you were still in primary school. You don’t even know what he looks like other than he was a fat kid.
Hwang Jung-Eum: Who is him to her? You're doing the first love thing again? Isn’t that played out?

Executive:  it's a staple of Korean dramas after all.
Hwang Jung-Eum: Well… Okay they meet. Then what?

Executive:  But …you don’t actually meet! You agree to meet but chicken out at the last minute. You see where we are going?
Hwang Jung-Eum: Don’t know how each other looks like… Have a hot friend… We are doing the “send someone in her place thing”...!

Executive:  That’s it! This is where we start to build a love triangle between two BFFs.
Hwang Jung-Eum: …
Hwang Jung-Eum: Before anything, how will we make me ugly? It won’t be easy…Do a “She’s all that” (1999)?

Executive:  Since you are so lovely, just making you dress in overalls and wear glasses may not work…
Hwang Jung-Eum: let’s make me into a ginger! You know Pippi Longstocking?

Executive:  Does anyone under the age of 40 know Pippi Longstocking?
Hwang Jung-Eum: I can put some freckles on my cheeks, have some crazy bushy hair, and do something with my hair color a little. That would be perfect!  Gingers are the worst! Just the worst!

Executive:  Did a ginger do something bad to you?
Hwang Jung-Eum: …

Executive: …
Hwang Jung-Eum: …

Executive: I can work with Pippi Longstocking architype. It may fit the energetic and wacky adventure feel of the character.
Hwang Jung-Eum: So, the first episodes ends with a fake meeting and resulting shenanigans I assume. I am there stalking the two since this is a comedy.

Executive:  You are correct but there is a little more.
Hwang Jung-Eum: O?

Executive:  First he is now hot played by Park Seo-Joon.
Hwang Jung-Eum: I worked with him on "Kill Me, Heal me.”

Executive: We know. Since he is hot, your hot BFF start developing feelings.
Hwang Jung-Eum: building a love triangle…

Executive:  Then, you get a job at a company where your old friend who is now hot works at. Coincidence?
Hwang Jung-Eum: Clever!

Executive:  You also bump into a guy at work who will be the 4th wheel in this show.
Hwang Jung-Eum: then the episode ends..?

Executive: It ends!
Hwang Jung-Eum: Not bad! I feel that it would be a fun show.

This is how I imagine things went especially with all the "Kill Me, Heal me” references.
While the first episode of “She was pretty” is nothing unique, the jokes were funny enough. Hwang Jung-Eum /황정음 and Koh Joon-Hee /고준희and work well together. Not sure about Park Seo-Joon though.

I would give the show another try. This was a recap of the first episode of “She was pretty.”

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