My Beautiful Bride (2015) #KDrama Profile

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1 Rated out of 4 Reviews
-10% for few reviews (90%)


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A Noir in which a husband investigates the disappearance of his wife and finds much more about her than he expected.

The talking cupboard
The drama relied on narratives and flashbacks to push the plot forward, but the past did not feel jarred when coupled with the still an underrated drama in my opinion

New kdrama addict
The sensational acting of Kim Mu Yeol and for the best effective use of flashback romancing I’d ever seen in a drama!

Orion's Ramblings
The action is thrilling, the story easy to become invested in, its lead is someone whose journey and emotions are engaging. 

LeeJIN's Drama Corner
I felt that the drama itself could have been so much better if there wasn’t so many side characters, and if the main characters all have equal amount of development.

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