[Script] “She Was Pretty” (2015) Episode 3 Recap / Review

Hi guys and gals. This is Prof AKIA with a “She Was Pretty” (2015) Episode 3 Recap.
Today, I’ll do this in a “TOP  6 Dos and Don’ts” list format. It is just funnier this way.

TOP  6 Dos and Don’ts when it comes to “She Was Pretty” (2015) Episode 3.

  •       Don’t be Gullible!

Hey men! If you bump into a woman in town who said she was going study abroad in let’s say London and even sent an email attachment placing her in front of a popular London landmark, you should know something very fishy is going on. Don’t just believe what she says even if looks like this.

I mean get your head out of your butt. Don’t fall for the explanations she was obviously just pulled out of her hat.  This is true even if the woman is your long lost first love. You do not know what she has been up to or even if she is the person she says she is!

  •     Don’t let people block you from speaking!

---If you are “Model” hot girl

Let’s say you, a hot girl, are pretending to be your BFF in front of a guy for some convoluted reason. It happens more than you think! When something out of the blue happens with the guy like being caught by him after lying that you left the country, tell your BFF! She is the one who asked you to pretend to be her after. It’s not your problem! Just blurt it out even if she is ranting on about how much the guy who happens to be her boss also irritates her…. Okay that is somewhat of a stretch but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

If you let her talk over your attempts to notify her about the situation, things which are already complicated gets more out of control. What happens if you fall in love with the guy? Isn’t that the obvious logical conclusion to the situation? What would happens then to your friendship? Sisterhood before anything yeh!

  •    Watch “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006) at least 3 times!

---If you are “ugly girl” going to work at a fashion magazine

Since you are ugly, a few assumptions could be made about you. It is not a huge leap to guess that you know nothing about either fashion or makeup. Other than the fact that your wear clothes and put makeup on your face, the whole thing is a mystery to you. Some may even argue that even that is giving you too much credit. It is also not a huge leap of faith to expect that you abhor the whole existence of the beauty industry in order to overcompensate for your ugliness.

In order to survive in the fashion magazine industry as an ugly person, you have to change 360 degrees. The only ways this can happen is if you study the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006) starring Anne Hathaway like it is the bible. Study what Anne Hathaway does. Understand what Anne Hathaway does. Be Anne Hathaway. This does not apply if you are pretty since you would already know everything to be successful.

Oh and that reminds me… if you have a pretty friend, pump that person for information you could just get from Google. The prettier the better! As a side note, Anne Hathaway is really great in “The Intern” (2015) with Robert De Niro.

  •      Ignore your stepmother!

-----If you are “Hot” and “Rich” girl living with your “Ugly” BFF

When the terms “Hot”, “Rich”, “Issues with Male intimacy”, and “living with your ugly BFF,” all describe you,  4 out of 5 times you have an evil or at least conniving stepmother in to get you. Do not let her provoke you especially in front of your philandering ass of a father! If you lash out, you get slapped by your father and your stepmother wins!

  •     Don’t get drunk! 

---If you are “Hot” girl pretending to be your ugly friend

I know family problems make you want to get plastered. Who hasn’t come home after a family get-together and directly gone for the liquor cabinet. However, pretending to be your ugly friend in front of a guy should be treated like being a designated driver. The guy you are coning always ends up coming to save your rather pretty drunken ass. Always! If you really need to drink, do it at home. Your odds of the guy somehow ending up at your house is reduced by 30%. I personally don’t know how they do it but they somehow manage to be right there when you’re the weakest so that you fall in love with them.

  •    Just get out of there.

---If you are a guy and suddenly see an exact childhood copy of your first love
The girl is either a ghost/supernatural shapeshifting monster or the much younger sister of your first love who just happens to be a figurative clone of your first love. What is more believable? She is a Ghost! She is here to seduce you in order to suck the life-force out of you! Mmmm… That seems very familiar somehow….
In any case just run!

So, that was the TOP  6 Dos and Don’ts when it comes to “She Was Pretty” (2015) Episode 3.

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