Today's Video Watch List 10/31/2015

Prof. AKIA's Video Watch List of Today.

TWICE (트와이스) - Like OOH-AHH Dance Cover [JBN]

WAVEYA sexy dance _ Icona Pop_ Emergency

WAVEYA _ BTS (방탄소년단 ) Boy In Luv _ cover dance full ver

Movie Reviews

WORST Movie of 2015 JEM & The HOLOGRAMS Review

We Saw the JEM Movie : Black Nerd & Chrissa Sparkles

Jem And The Holograms Official Movie Review

CINEMADONNA: The Next Best Thing

Puppet Master 2 - Good Bad Flicks

Retrospective / Review: Back To The Future Part II (1989)

Movie Trailer &Talk
Jessica Jones Trailer Review & Breakdown - NETFLIX - Beyond The Trailer

Movie Editorials and Satire

Top Gun Needs More Gay

Goldfinger, Lost in Adaptation ~ The Dom


Everything Wrong With Scream in 16 Minutes Or Less

Fallout: The Future We Choose - Between the Lines

Honest Trailers - Inside Out

Defending The Prequels with Joseph Scrimshaw! - Jedi Alliance

Recession, Hyperinflation, and Stagflation: Crash Course Econ #13

Election Basics: Crash Course Government and Politics #36

The Chronicles of Narnia - The LWW – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

The Magic of David Copperfield Review

The hilarious Anna Kendrick

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