Spend the Weekend with 3 hour Edits of Korean Drama

Have you ever thought that Korean dramas can be much shorter when you remove all of the filler? Watch Fan edits of them.

Here are 5 you can watch over the Holiday Weekend! Click pictures to select!

1. Actress meets a Time Traveler~"Queen In-Hyun's Man" (2012) Fan Edit
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Great 2010s Korean fantasy romance.The runtime is about 3.5 hours in 3 parts.

2. All About the Music~""I Am Legend " (2010) Fan Edit
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Problematic Korean drama made better with focus and less crap.  Some nice music! The runtime is about 3.2 hours in 3 part.

3. The Roommates~"9 ends 2 outs" (2007) Fan Edit
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A great Korean drama of the 2000s.  The runtime is about 3.5 hours in 1 part.

4. The Guest at the Hotel~"Hotelier" (2002) Fan Edit
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Yes it is old but still a classic. The runtime is about 3.5 hours in 3 parts.

5. My Star~"My love From another Star" (2013) Fan Edit
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Great and popular 2010s Korean fantasy romance.The runtime is about 3.5 hours in 3 parts.

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