[K-drama Addiction Therapy] Podcast Episode 22 Naughty sweet potato, arrogant cats & immortals

A new episode of "K-drama Addiction Therapy" podcast is out. Enjoy

What would you do if you found a camera that freezes time for 9 seconds?
Turns out one of us is too lazy to save the world and would rather cheat on tests and creep people out. (And by one of us I of course mean Gab.)
I… would never do such a thing. Nor would I use the camera to get up close and personal with a bias. The thought never even crossed my mind. *cough*

Like last time we can’t seem to stop talking about Reply 1988. We spend 40 minutes on it. Wow.

With a total running length of 1 hour 30 minutes though… thankfully we get to chew your ears off about a bunch of ther dramas and listener questions too.


K-drama Addiction Therapy
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