Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015) #KDrama Profile

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Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato

as far as fusion sageuks, vampire dramas and webtoon dramas go, this drama does little expand the genre or tell the tale with a new spin... if you’ve seen one of these types of dramas, you’ve seen them all...the writing is distracted by plotlines that never seem to lead anywhere.

Melody's Reading Corner

The story is multi-layered and although there are some minor flaws, they didn't dampen my pleasure of watching it.

The Fangirl Verdict

extremely hodge-podge, too melodramatic, and wayyy too long drawn-out.

Kdrama Kisses

It felt like an epic fairy tale, and I would love to see more stories like this in kdramas.

purplebass world

The drama overall was good, but in my opinion there were some episodes in between that prolonged the story too much instead of going directly to the point without losing more tim

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