She Was Pretty (2015) Korean Drama Profile

A Breathy Romantic Comedy starring Hwang Jung-Eum, 
Koh Joon-Hee, Park Seo-Joon, and Choi Si-Won.
Korean Drama Average Rating
 10 Articles with 4 scored. 

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Except from AsianWiki

KDrama Fighting!

On a narrative front, She Was Pretty didn't really work for me...I'm glad I watched in order to discover Siwon

A Daily Dose of K-Screen

She Was Pretty is like a strawberry milkshake you used to enjoy long time ago and you know exactly what it taste like, but still give you that trilling and pleasant feeling once you sip it

The Fangirl Verdict

This show sets itself apart from many of its cousins, by having not just one, but several meaningful relationships. I love that even though our story is romance-centric, that friendship also takes centerstage and gets a good solid chunk of screentime

A fairy tale world

it is just as good as everyone says it is. It’s a drama that has not only has both substance and fluff, but has them in perfect proportions.

The cat that watches TV
There’s no scary takeovers, no annoying, bitchy second female lead, and no deep, dark secrets. Perfect for the occasional chilly autumn day. 

Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato

will always have a warm place in my heart...yet, I still feel that if we got a bit more backstory and plot development, it would have made the difference 

E drama clouds
Besides the bromance rivals, it’s also nice to see Hye-jin’s sisterhood friendship with Min Ha-ri (played by Go Joon He)


This was quite the enjoyable, mindless drama that one needs every so often. It helps that it had a winning cast and great chemistry between the main four leads. The writing was nothing spectacular

Subjective Insights
is the perfect welcome back gift to me for the core of its plot is to shine the spotlight from the conventional main characters to supporting characters interchangeably and seamlessly.

Zombie Mamma
It really was so, so cute and suffering from a serious case of Second Lead Syndrome seems to make me love a drama even more so naturally


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