Twenty Again / 두번째 스무살 (2015) #KDrama Profile

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Noonas over forks

I suppose the strengths balanced out the weaknesses of “Twenty Again”, which has left me feeling kind of numb towards the drama.


Life is long and by the end of the show, all these characters chose to live it on their own terms.

Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato

it focuses on various relationships and... I love how the drama shows tidbits of their past from getting married very young to becoming a professor and raising their child.

Kdrama Kisses

It felt like an epic fairy tale, and I would love to see more stories like this in kdramas.

The Drama Corner

The show has lots of heart and adorableness and the ending is also pretty satisfying as Nora finally knows what she wants in life and doesn’t want to rely on anybody. 

Zombie Mamma

I love this drama ... because as awful as some of the characters are in the beginning, they all find themselves at a better place in the end...a touch of heart-break and a refreshingly realistic take on life. 

KDrama Fighting

It started with promise, but there were a lot of things about the first few episodes that could have gone horribly, horribly awry. Fortunately, they didn't, and we ended up with a (mostly) satisfying series.


The drama brings so much emotions to viewers, and personality even though I’m not on their age bracket, I still get butterfly in my stomach when they fight with each other. 

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