What Videos I watched Today 12/15/2015

Prof. AKIA's Daily Video Watch List is where I document the videos (mostly YouTube) I find on a daily basis.
Today was 12/15/2015

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WAVEYA- PSY 싸이 DADDY 대디 (feat. CL of 2NE1) cover dance

WAVEYA - PSY - 나팔바지(NAPAL BAJI) cover dance

Kids Incorporated - How Will I Know (Pop-Up Video Version)

Kids Incorporated - That's What Friends Are For

KIDS Incorporated - Give Me A Shot

KIDS Incorporated - Tell Her About It

Emma Wagner - I Just Want to Be a Star

KIDS Incorporated - I'm Coming Out

KIDS Incorporated - Give Me A Shot

KIDS Incorporated -Love Is Like A Heatwave


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Official Announcement Trailer #1

Star Trek Beyond Official Trailer Breakdown

Independence Day Resurgence Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

Movie & TV Editorials
Dissecting the Alien Secrets of the Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer

Why The Death Star Would Never Work


Star Wars: Will the Force Awaken? - Frame By Frame

INDEPENDENCE DAY Resurgence Trailer Review : Black Nerd

After Hours - Why The Jedi Are The Galaxy's Biggest Idiots

Star Wars - Renegade Cut

Conquest of the Commercials - Nostalgia Critic

Satire/ Parody
I want a girlfriend

The Gremlins Blog

North Korean Photoshop Tutorial

Ten Terrible Lawn Decorations

TWITTER EXCLUSIVE: remembering Dark Knight Rises

Ratatouille - Anton Ego speech

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