What Videos I watched Today! 01/13/2016

Prof. AKIA's Daily Video Watch List is where I document the videos (mostly YouTube) I find on a daily basis.
Today was 01/13/2016

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Bye Bye Bye - 60s "Pulp Fiction" Surf Rock Style *NSYNC Cover ft. Tara Louise

Movie Reviews
Zombie Lake - Count Jackula Horror Review

Satire/ Parody

The top ten things YOU didn't know about Darth Vader's suit!

Wedding Dresses Across Asia

4 Important Questions About the Dumbest Song of the '80s | Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

If Gyms Were Honest - Honest Ads

The Martian - Honest Trailers


Paul Merton's Weird and Wonderful World of Early Cinema (2009)

Judy Garland.

Vivien Leigh Documentary

Joan Crawford "Always The Star" 1996 Documentary

Humphrey Bogart Documentary

Dorothy Dandridge.

Hollywood Collection: Ingrid Bergman Remembered (Full Feature)

Rita Hayworth.

Frances Farmer.

Katharine Hepburn.

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