What Videos I watched Today! 01/25/2016

Prof. AKIA's Daily Video Watch List is where I document the videos (mostly YouTube) I find on a daily basis.
Today was 01/25/2016

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Movie Reviews
The Revenant - An "Animated" Movie Review

Rob Zombie's 31 - Movie Review (Sundance 2016)

Retrospective / Review: For Your Eyes Only (1981)

The Fifth Wave Movie Review - Beyond The Trailer

Movie & TV Editorials
Hayao Miyazaki - Everything by Hand

Hayao Miyazaki - The Essence of Humanity

The legendary looks between Mulder and Scully

Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny - Strange Love

The Brilliant Deception of Inception– 8-Bit Philosophy

Does Good Or Bad Karma Exist... What is Evil? - Rethinking Fallout

The Mythology of the X-Files - Pop Culture Mixology

Commentary Podcast
Constantine Commentary Podcast

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