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Faux-K-stories are intended for the purpose of satire, parody, and criticism. None of the depictions of characters and events are true. While the specific show “Marriage Contract ” is used as the basis, many elements of other Korean dramas are used as reference. Read at your own peril. 


The romantic relationship between a man and a women has not changed much over let’s say the last 2 decade or so. This is “true” for those relationships in Korea which is in contrast to the fast pace of life here. Businesses come in go in months. Buildings go up in weeks. Fads last days. However, the rather complicated and self-destructive nature of Korean romantic relationships seem to never really change. In fact, the dynamic of love is the stone in the middle of the rapid current of change that is Korean life. I would even use the following terms to describe it: Classic, Tradition, Old fashioned, and Cliché.

Hello. This is Professor AKIA with the “True” stories of Korean life. This is where I provide a look into events, passions, and the human beings that populate the little peninsula we all call home. The main theme of this story is “Love” but not the breezy kind of love. There is a reason why Cupid, the god of love, is a baby with wings other than the obvious. Yes, we all know the fundamental purpose for love is to fulfill the genetic need to pop out those little plump bastards that the image of Cupid evokes. Minus the wings though. You wouldn’t want your kid with that genetic mutation. When those wings shed, the feathers end up everywhere.

The less obvious reason for the shape of Cupid is because love is random, slippery, chaotic, and outright a pain in the ass sometimes. Love can bring two people together who should never have been joined together. This “True” story of Korean life is about a man, Han Ji-Hoon, and a woman, Kang Hye-Soo. The random nature of life and love brought these two, who shouldn’t be together, together. I call this story “The contract marriage couple” or just “contract marriage” for short. In order to protect the privacy of the individuals involved, many of the names have been changed. The story is true.

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