Destiny? Part 2
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Faux-K-stories are intended for the purpose of satire, parody, and criticism. None of the depictions of characters and events are true. While the specific show “Marriage Contract” is used as the basis, many elements of other Korean dramas are used as reference. Read at your own peril. 

From the outside, it would not be a bad bet to assume Kang Hye-Soo had some ill motives. This is especially true when you fast forward and see what she is willing to do when put in a desperate situation. However, when you see the number of random events that had to occur in order to get Kang Hye-Soo in front of the car, you may think differently. For one, Han Ji-hoon shouldn’t have been driving the car. He had a driver after all. However, he had left something at his girlfriend’s hotel room after a tumble under the sheets and had to send his driver in the car to retrieve it before she got rid of it. You don’t know what she would do since he broke up with her after sex. This was not the first shag and dump he had done. Last time, it was a big mess.

--- Miss K, Actress and Former Lover of Han Ji-hoon
Han Ji-hoon …?
F*** Him! You know what he did? He dumped me on our 100th day anniversary! Also, it was just after me had sex! .That bastard! Who does that ass think he is?
You know what that does to my reputation? I just was spreading the rumor that we were dating! That f**K! And I even let him do…
You know…
You know…
“Back door” stuff!
And he just dumps me with a cheap as neckless.
I thought of throwing it as his arrogant ass when he walked out but I’m not stupid. You know he has a small d**k and is terrible in bed?
Yes he is! I had to fake organism because he was so fast and selfish in bed. I stayed because I loved hin…Ass! 

---End of Interview

In addition, Han Ji-hoon would have missed almost running over Kang Hye-Soo if not for his mother calling with her usually rant about his father. In addition, the cat that lured the girl on to the streets should never had been in that location. That cat named “Mr. Whitey” was neither a street cat nor lived around there. Mr. Whitey actually was lost after wondering away from his owner who had taken him on a walk downtown that day. He really had no idea where he was when the girl chased him in front of that car. However, the coincidences does not end there. Oh and Mr. Whitey was fine and got out of dodge fast.

---Park Jo-joon, Childhood friend and general manager of the restaurant “The Promise”
Kang Hye-Soo… I was not really going to hire her in the first place. She was a single mother and her resume was problematic since she kept moving from restaurant to restaurant. At The Promise,” we require a level of dedication to one’s job especially with the kitchen staff. I felt sorry about her situation with her husband dying and having to raise a daughter alone. However, Kang Hye-Soo seemed to not have what we require at The Promise.” Can you imagine how thing would have turned out if I just didn’t hire her when she came in for an interview? A lot would have changed. Some for the better. Others for the worst I guess.

Why did I hire her? Well one of our kitchen support staff had an accident and we were left a person short. It seems that she was going home on her scooter after a shift here at The Promise” when a white cat jumped in front of her scooter. She tried to avoid the cat and was tossed off. Cats… there are too many street cats roaming around nowadays. It can be dangerous.
White cat..
If I think about it, a white cat came up on conversation that day too! It was on the day when Han Ji-hoon told me of his plans. As a side note, I had nothing to do with it. He just told me in a hypothetical situation after all. I had no idea he was serious! I am a law-abiding citizen.I pay all my taxes and don’t even litter!

In any case, Kang Hye-Soo over heard this conversation between my boss… his name is Han Ji-hoon and me about a hypothetical situation. She was closing up the restaurant at the time. The funny thing is that that was not her job. We usually have another girl do that but she had to go home early because the white cat she adopted was sick and needed to get it looked at. So, I let Kang Hye-Soo do some overtime since she was the newbie.

---End of Interview

What no one knows was that the white cat that somewhat keeps invading our story was in fact all the same cat “Mr. Whitey.”

--- Mr. Whitey, the cat
meow?  ┘

---End of Interview

Unbeknownst to Mr. Whitey,the cat, who was just sick after he ate something he should have, he was the agent of fate in this circumstance. He was the one that caused the accident with the scooter. He was the cat that got sick. An employee of The Promise” had rescued him off the streets when he was wondering around looking for food.

--- Madam ?, Traditional mystic located in Seobinggo-dong
Let’s see what the ancestors say…
Yes… I feel it. I can feel the ancestors giving me a vision.
“I have to catch a runaway virgin ghost who is possessing young men’s bodies…?”
It seems that the ancestors got their wires crossed. That was a different vision.

---End of Interview

--- Ah Gong-mi, Famous fortune teller
Don’t listen to those con-artists! I mean those old fashion Korean mystics. They just want to take your money. Tarot cards are the best way of seeing what fate has in store for you.

Let’s see…
You have a woman… she has a child…And she is very ill fortunate.
I see a lot of death and pain in her past.
Her future…?
I see love…
I see wealth… and destiny! It is destiny! The woman…is not smart enough to pull off anything too elaborate.

---End of Interview

With this knowledge, how would you answer the question of fate or gold digging? I’ll give you a hint. Kang Hye-Soo is a “Candy” albeit somewhat of a variation. The standard “Candy” doesn’t have a child. It is obvious now. Even an alternate version of a “Candy” is a magnet for the whims of destiny. It seems to be attracted to void of “agency” they always have surrounding them. Also that fact that they are not particularity intelligent nor wise also makes them vulnerable to the pranks of fate.

Kang Hye-Soo is a “Candy”!

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