Video Recommendations 03/16/2016

Prof. AKIA's Daily Video Watch List is where I document the videos (mostly YouTube) I find on a daily basis.
Today was 03/16/2016

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Sweet Child O' Mine - Postmodern Jukebox : Reboxed Cover ft. Casey Abrams

마마무 (MAMAMOO) - 넌 is 뭔들 (You're the best) WAVEYA 웨이브야

TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT - Eddie Money // 80's Music Video Cover - Flashback Friday | Taryn Southern

Scrubs "My Musical" - Friends Forever/What's Going to Happen

Movie Reviews

Brandon's Cult Movie Reviews: Death Machine

Half in the Bag Episode 105 - 10 Cloverfield Lane and Me Him Her

Movie & TV Editorials
Rocky and the Methods of Montage - Brows Held High

Why 'Willy Wonka' Is The First Torture Porn

The Picture of Dorian GAY

4 Reasons Pinocchio Is Secretly Terrifying - Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

Blade Runner - Renegade Cut

Andromeda (2000-2005) - Series Rant/Review

Earth: Final Conflict In Depth Review

Princess Mononoke: Decades of Struggle - Did You Know Movies ft. Furst

After Hours - 10 Terrifying Implications of the Matrix Universe

Satire & Parody
Honest Trailers - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Birdman Parody - Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell | 30th Film Independent Spirit Awards

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