Faux K-Stories: Descendants of the Sun Episode#2-Part 2

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Faux-K-stories are intended for the purpose of satire, parody, and criticism. None of the depictions of characters and events are true. While the specific show “Descendants of the Sun” is used as the basis, many elements of other Korean dramas are used as reference. Read at your own peril. 

[Arial Shot]

And we can now see the helo from the distance. The company is starting to gather and bring out the welcome wagon. The sound of the rotors are quite loud.

 Over here, this is what goes for intellectual discussion. Now the helo is hovering in order to come in for a landing. It seems not easy for an old and cumbersome model carrying a heavy load. As we see a big chuck of metal trying to land without crashing and killing everyone on board, you end up wondering what this is all for. Why are Koreans here in Urk?


--- Kim Soo-Young, National Assembly man and member of the majority party
└ Urk..? Where is that?
Just joking! Of course, as a member of the Great Korean National Assembly, I know where Urk is. It is one of the places we have troops station overseas. Do you know where it is?
Don’t beat yourself up too much if you cannot point where this little desolate country is on a map. Not many Koreans would have heard about that place because we had almost no trade with the country before we were asked to come in and provide humanitarian aid and relief.
Combat troops?
Yes, it is true that we have a contingent of armed troops in Urk. However, that is solely for the purpose of providing security for our relief workers. We provide healthcare services and infrastructure construction for the poor people of Urk.
It is true that we technically don’t have any civilian healthcare providers on sight at this moment.
And all of the construction plans are on hold because the budgets for them are stuck in comities at the National assembly. Our party is trying to push it through but it is getting strong opposition from the “left wing” opposition. However, we have scheduled to resume healthcare services in Urk immediately. A new expedition of civilian healthcare providers is on their way.

When? Pretty soon. ┘

---End of Interview

The circumstance the people of Urk find themselves in is quite difficult to explain even as these things go. It is more complicated to explain how Korean troops ended up being in Urk in 2015. The short version goes something like this.

You could say that Urk is an unintended consequences of the “war on terror.” While nowhere near the center of the conflict, Urk is situated in a region that could act as a conduit for terrorist movement and support. In addition, the terrible agricultural situation in the country had been on the international community’s radar for a while. As a result, during the early stages of the war, it got a decent share of attention from the American led coalition. For years, there was a considerable American presence in the region. However, entering the 2010s, changing conditions of the conflict forced the Whitehouse to reprioritized leaving the country without an American presence. For a while, UN forces were deployed in the region as a replacement. However, general allegations of criminal corruption, rape, and murder on the part of the deployed UN forces resulted in a wide spread media circus that forced the UN’s hand.

Speech Footage:

--- Seo Hye-rim, First female President of Korea. Given in 2010.
└ It has been 55 years since the Korean War had ended. More than 3 generations have grown up and matured since then. We, Koreans, are now a global power. We have the 14th largest economy in the world. We are a proud member of the OECD. Our Per capita income is expected to reach $30,000 in just a few years. We are strong! We are great!

Then, why are we so afraid to act great?
6 centuries! It has been 6 centuries since Korea really had any considerable international presence that mattered. By “mattered,”:I mean military. As a confident member of the international community, we have a responsibility to help police and keep the peace that we so much enjoy.

Yes, we had sent troops to Afghanistan before. But what did we really do with them? They just sat there inside their comfortable living quarters. Why was that? I was because we were afraid! We were afraid of taking up the responsibility our stature as a nation requires. That will stop now! I am not afraid. And I don’t think my fellow Koreans are afraid too.

---End of Footage

This was the first chance for modern Korea to stretch its military muscle overseas since the Vietnam War. Because of the closely associated relationship it had with American, Korea was expected to join in the “war against Terror.” You would even say we were “advised” to join. However, many Koreans were not happy with this. This was a period when a left-wing movement was sweeping Korea and even took over the government. Even so, because of the nature of the American-Korean relationship, Korea had to at least make a faint show of effort. All this led to sending small contingents of non-combat troops to less dangerous regions to sit tight until Korea could say it gave its bet shot and then leave without losing too much face. Urk is not one of those regions! It came later. 

[To be continued]

Part 3 Coming Soon!

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