Faux K-Stories: Descendants of the Sun Episode#2-Part 1

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Faux-K-stories are intended for the purpose of satire, parody, and criticism. None of the depictions of characters and events are true. While the specific show “Descendants of the Sun” is used as the basis, many elements of other Korean dramas are used as reference. Read at your own peril. 


In the morning, the sun rises on to the land and we see activity at the compound. Guests are in country and are inbound by helo. Thus, company 8, mostly men, has been busy in preparation. Even though they are Special Forces, most of these young men in their 20s have not been in the company of many women in several months. There are a few females in the company but they are off limits. In terms of the local females, they are basically off limits too. In addition to security concerns, there is the possible local political fallout from foreign soldiers “stooping” the local female population. Yes, there is the option of local prostitutes. The Korean army has had a long history of using the services of females in the “pleasure” service industry even back home. And, for the most part, the thriving underground market of Korean prostitutes back home tends to be ignored by the officials.


--- Na Jin-Jin, Former club singer and call girl
└ Yes…
Back in the day, I used to entertain a lot of officers in my time working the club scene.
Soldiers…not so much. It was not that I was picky. I had a pimp to pay off. I needed the work. It was just that the average soldier didn’t have the cash to spend on me.
You know I was a bit pricey and I had a reputation to uphold.
However, time by time, you would have one or two coming in to the club to lose his virginity with a wallet full of cash donated by the other guys of his platoon.
It is not so much today, but a lot of Korean men used to lose their virginity to girls like us. It was a rite of passage of sorts.

If the guy was cute, I used to give him a discount.
You know…you have to be nice. Who knows? That boy you made a man might come back one day and give you a big tip. That happens. It happened to me!

---End of Interview

In the few occasion when the Korean military was stationed overseas, things didn’t change much. Going back to Vietnam, the Korean army have had issues with foreign prostitution. Okay, that was an understatement. It is estimated that there are thousands of Vietnam bastard children now living that were the product of a monetary transaction between a Korea soldier and the local lady of the night. And there is rape…another topic for another day.


--- Nguyen Jin Joo, half-Korean half-Vietnamese and mail order bride
└ I remember, when I was very young, my father used to stop by my mother from time to time. He would bring me little gifts like candy whenever he dropped by. Then, mother and father would go into a room and disappear for an hour or so. When he emerged all sweaty, I would bring him some water and we would play. They he would leave.

At the moment, I didn’t really know what was going on. To me, he was just my father.
Yes, I came to Korea as a mail order bride for a Korea farmer. It was quite a common thing to see in Vietnam especially in the 2000s. Now, old Korean bachelors have mostly moved on to poorer countries for their brides. But you still see them from time to time. How was my marriage?

We are divorced…Let’s just say that it was not what I thought.
There were reasons why he couldn’t find a Korean wife. And it wasn’t just because he was a farmer!

My father?
I found him but…I don’t want to say more.

---End of Interview

Any hope to get some local “fun” is all for nothing since none of the soldiers are allowed outside except for supervised official business. This is why the men of company 8 are excited. There have been rumors of romantic trysts among the civilian medial staff and the guys, who were stationed here before, flying about for months. It seems that the civilian females get all adventurous when stuck overseas surrounded by strong men who could protect them. It is just something that has been talked about. And, since the old company stationed here rotated out just after the last civilian medical team left, there is no way to confirm this rumor. It may just be a tall tale. Soldiers like to talk big concerning their sexual prowess. 

[To be continued]

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