Tomorrow With You (2017): Game 2 Recap In Cards

Welcome to Game 2 of "Tommorow with you" (2017)!

We are going to play 9 Turns with 2 players.
This is recreating episode 2
Introducing Player 1.
Introducing Player 2.
For each turn, players will discards cards from one's hand and take cards from the deck to restock one's hand. Then, they will go around playing one card each until there is no more cards to play or the turn goes bust.

Let's play by shuffling the deck!

Now distribute the initial player hands.

We are ready to play.

Turn 1:
Player 1 plays a Time period card.

 Player 2 plays a location card.
 Player 1 plays a Character card.
 Player 2... you get the picture.

7 Cards Played.
Total 28 Points

Turn 2:

7 Cards Played.
Total 33 Points

Turn 3:

5 Cards Played.
Total 12 Points

Turn 4:

7 Cards Played.
Total 13 Points

Turn 5:

5 Cards Played.
Total 15 Points

Turn 6:

5 Cards Played.
Total 9 Points

Turn 7:

7 Cards Played.
Total 13 Points

Turn 8:

4 Cards Played.
Total 7 Points

Turn 9:

4 Cards Played.
Bust!  The turn couldn't be completed.

Total 130 points
14.5 Points per turn.
Score: B


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