Princess Falling – A Dark “fairy tale”
A tragedy of a modern princess told as a fairy tale

Soviets & US - South Korean (ROK) Political History For Foreigners. (Part 3)

The Start of Chaos
South Korean (ROK) Political History For Foreigners. (Part 2)
I dislike when US leftists have random rants on the internet about other's culture/history without barely any knowledge about the culture/history. (Exception is professional academic debate) You should only do that for your own history. At least, you have some ownership about that.

Really shouldn't butt into someone else's complicated history filled with our own complex mix of bullshit, propaganda, and ill-knowledge.
Just #StayOnYourLawn

South Korean (ROK) Political History For Foreigners (Part 1): 
The Japanese occupation!

This is an excerpt from my review of  “The Map Against the World” (2016) starring #ChaSeungwon

 For Gump or Never Gump: A “Forrest Gump” (1994) Korean Rerelease editorial

There has been somewhat of a Film rerelease fad in Korea over the last year or so. Considering the total capacity of theater screens in Korea, this is an interesting phenomenon. The movies that get rereleased tend to be those first released in the late 80s or 90s. For example, the first Matrix movie is currently in theater again at the moment. Recently, I went to see “Forrest Gump” (1994) in its rerelease here in Korea. This is some thoughts I had while I wipe down my old man tears.