This is an excerpt from my review of  “The Map Against the World” (2016) starring #ChaSeungwon

 For Gump or Never Gump: A “Forrest Gump” (1994) Korean Rerelease editorial

There has been somewhat of a Film rerelease fad in Korea over the last year or so. Considering the total capacity of theater screens in Korea, this is an interesting phenomenon. The movies that get rereleased tend to be those first released in the late 80s or 90s. For example, the first Matrix movie is currently in theater again at the moment. Recently, I went to see “Forrest Gump” (1994) in its rerelease here in Korea. This is some thoughts I had while I wipe down my old man tears.

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Faux-K-stories are intended for the purpose of satire, parody, and criticism. None of the depictions of characters and events are true. While the specific show “Descendants of the Sun” is used as the basis, many elements of other Korean dramas are used as reference. Read at your own peril.